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Saudi Arabia Is Set To Reveal The Globe’s First E-Sports District

Saudi Arabia Is Set To Reveal The Globe's First E-Sports District

Qiddiya City aims to establish the world’s first comprehensive gaming and esports district, strategically positioning Saudi Arabia in the thriving esports industry. Located at the core of Qiddiya City, the new district will host four esports venues, designed for major events with the goal of attracting an annual footfall of 10 million visitors.

This initiative aligns with the strong support from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, evident in the ‘National Strategy’ for esports and related projects focusing on talent development and strategic investments. The belief in the rapid growth of the gaming and esports sector has prompted Saudi Arabia to enhance its infrastructure, with Qiddiya City positioned as a global hub for gaming and esports competition.

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The district, covering an expansive area of over 500,000 square meters, allocates 100,000 square meters for retail, dining, and entertainment. It aims to cater not only to esports professionals but also to gaming enthusiasts of various levels and ages. Qiddiya City plans to provide a holistic experience by offering gaming-themed apartments and hotels, allowing gamers to live, work, and play within the city.

Moreover, the city plans to host up to 25 esports clubs from around the world and serve as the regional headquarters for over 30 leading video game development companies. The district features four arenas, boasting a total seating capacity of 73,000, with one arena housing the world’s largest indoor LED screen in any esports facility, accommodating 5,300 seats.