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Islamabad IGP Updates On School, Market Closures For Security

Islamabad IGP Updates On School, Market Closures For Security

In response to a potential terror threat, a number of universities in the federal capital, Islamabad, have been shut down, while unverified information proliferates online regarding purported closures of schools and markets in the city.

Amid the swirling rumors, Dr. Akbar Nasir, the chief of Islamabad police, has unequivocally stated that no educational institutions, markets, or private enterprises have been ordered to close in the federal capital. Seeking to dispel any misconceptions, the Islamabad police issued a statement on the matter, assuring the public that the situation in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) is firmly under control, and there has been no disruption to the normal course of daily activities.

In an effort to curb the dissemination of false information, the capital’s law enforcement authorities have explicitly called on the public to refrain from spreading rumors through online platforms. The statement underscores the dedication of law enforcement personnel who are diligently working to uphold law and order in the city. Despite the prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) sought to reassure the populace, emphasizing that there is no cause for alarm.

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Contrary to reports circulating on private news channels, the highest-ranking police official, known as the top cop, categorically dismissed claims of the indefinite closure of educational institutions in Islamabad. In a bid to quell any potential panic, the top cop urged citizens not to refrain from attending schools or colleges based on unverified information.

While debunking the alleged closures, the Islamabad police have nevertheless called on the public to exercise vigilance and stay informed through the official social media channels of the law enforcement agency. This proactive approach aims to keep the community abreast of any developments and dispel unfounded rumors that could potentially disrupt the regular functioning of the city.

As the capital grapples with the aftermath of the security concerns, the IGP reiterated the message that citizens should continue their daily routines without undue apprehension. This assurance comes as a response to the prevailing atmosphere of panic, instigated by the closure of certain universities in the wake of a perceived terror threat.

In light of the circumstances, the Islamabad police have underscored the importance of vigilance among the public. Simultaneously, they encourage citizens to rely on official communication channels for timely and accurate updates, emphasizing the need to counteract the spread of misinformation that has taken root in various online platforms.

In summary, while the closure of several universities in Islamabad in response to a terror threat has instigated a wave of rumors regarding broader closures in the city, the Islamabad police, through their chief Dr. Akbar Nasir, have clarified that no educational institutions, markets, or private entities have been directed to close. The police further emphasize their commitment to maintaining law and order, urging the public to remain vigilant but assuring them that there is no need for undue concern. The statement serves as a call to action against the dissemination of false information and advises citizens to stay connected through official channels for accurate updates.