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Islamabad Police Chief Addresses Security Threats To Schools, Universities

Islamabad Police Chief Addresses Security Threats To Schools, Universities

Islamabad’s Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, has advised against the closure of educational institutions due to security concerns, asserting that the current situation in the federal capital is “under control.” In a video message shared online, the top police official emphasized that the circumstances were not so severe as to warrant changes in the schedules of schools, colleges, and universities or disrupt routine life.

This advisory follows the closure of three significant universities in Pakistan’s capital due to perceived security threats. Reports in local media indicated that security agencies conducted a search operation on the outskirts of the capital late on Sunday, leading to the indefinite closure of Bahria University, Air University, and National Defence University. The administration informed university students of the closure through late-night messages, affecting final examinations for many students.

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Addressing the reports surrounding the university closures, IGP Akbar Nasir Khan reassured the public that the security situation in Islamabad remains under control. He emphasized the existence of a complete ban on illegal gatherings in the city. Furthermore, he urged the public to rely on verified accounts of the capital police for accurate information regarding the law and order situation, advising against giving credence to rumors.

seeks to allay concerns and provide clarity amidst the uncertainty caused by the sudden closure of universities and the subsequent impact on students’ academic schedules. The emphasis on the ban on illegal gatherings underscores the security measures in place, aiming to maintain order and stability in the federal capital. As the situation unfolds, the guidance from the Inspector General of Police serves as a reassurance to the public and an authoritative source for reliable information on the prevailing conditions in Islamabad.