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Iraaday’s Abdul Hannan Warns Contract Violators

Iraaday's Singer Abdul Hannan Warns Contract Violators

In a firm and unambiguous message, Abdul Hannan, a musician, used his Instagram Story to address a growing concern in the industry— the violation of performance contracts and the lack of professional respect. The warning was specifically directed at event organizers, promoters, and school administrators, cautioning against the prevalent disregard for contractual agreements and disrespectful behavior towards artists.

The Instagram Story commenced with a straightforward statement, “This is a note for event organizers, promoters, school admins, and for anyone looking to book us for an event.” Abdul Hannan drew attention to a disturbing trend where performance contracts were increasingly being violated, indicating a lack of professionalism within the industry.

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The post highlighted various challenges faced by Abdul Hannan and his team, ranging from disputes between schools over bookings to individuals attempting to influence contractual agreements. Frustration was expressed over instances where external pressures dictated their actions, leading to the termination of contracts with certain events. Concerns related to deadlines, punctuality, and technical matters were also cited as ongoing issues.

Abdul Hannan stressed that his team had consistently approached their dealings with respect, fairness, and accommodation. However, he voiced deep concern over the disrespect shown towards his team and the unfair demands imposed upon them. The warning emphasized the gravity of the situation, underscoring the importance of mutual respect and adherence to contractual obligations.

The musician pointed out the existence of a legal framework governing their professional engagements and asserted their commitment to enforcing their rights through legal means when necessary. “We won’t hesitate to enforce our rights and use the legal route whenever necessary,” wrote the singer. The Instagram Story concluded with a powerful statement, “Please don’t take musicians lightly.” Abdul Hannan called for a collective shift towards valuing professionalism, highlighting the historical struggles faced by musicians due to a lack of respect, poor work ethic, and indiscipline.

He conveyed, “I have love for everyone who has supported me and am grateful for those who have invited me to perform, but I can’t keep letting this happen. Musicians have suffered a lot in the past due to a lack of mutual respect, bad work ethic, and lack of discipline. I take all of this very seriously, and it’s about time we start valuing professionalism and make some corrective measures.”