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Intermediate Admission Form Deadline Extended

Intermediate Admission Form Deadline Extended

The Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen (PBCC) has granted candidates an extension for submitting admission forms with a single fee, pushing the deadline to January 30, 2024. This decision provides much-needed relief to candidates in the admission process.

Candidates who fail to meet the January 30 deadline will be subject to a double fee for admission form submission, with an extended deadline until February 7. Additionally, students submitting admission forms between February 8 and February 12 will face triple fees.

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According to the updated schedule, intermediate examinations are set to commence on April 19, 2024, across Punjab. In parallel, matric exams in Punjab for the year 2024 are scheduled to begin on March 1.

The extension of the submission deadline with tiered fees aims to accommodate candidates and streamline the admission process. These adjustments provide flexibility and options for students, allowing them to manage their timelines and fees accordingly. The PBCC’s decision reflects an understanding of the challenges candidates may face during the admission period and strives to facilitate a smoother process leading up to the upcoming examinations in Punjab.