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Initial Snowfall Transforms Murree, Hill Stations Into Winter Paradise

Initial Snowfall Transforms Murree, Hill Stations Into Winter Paradise

Murree and other popular hill stations in the northern areas were transformed into a picturesque winter wonderland with light rain and snowfall.

Following an extended period of winter weather, the most frequented hill station in Pakistan experienced its first snowfall of the season on Sunday. This led to an influx of visitors eager to enjoy the scenic beauty of the snow-covered landscape.

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The cold weather proved to be beneficial for hotels, as the snowfall is expected to continue throughout the week due to a new weather system. The arrival of snowfall has become a source of revenue for hotels catering to tourists seeking to experience the winter charm of the region.

High hills in the Galyat region and surrounding areas witnessed snowfall, creating a captivating scene for tourists. Other tourist destinations such as Naran, Kalam, and Malam Jabba also experienced the weather phenomenon, adding to the visual appeal of these locations.

The occurrence of snowfall became a popular search trend on Google as tourists flocked to the northern region to witness and enjoy the wintry landscapes.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) issued warnings about the potential impact of snowfall over the upper parts of the country on transportation, particularly on January 30 and 31. Tourists were advised to exercise caution during this recent spell of snowfall.

While hilly regions were graced with snowfall, the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi received light rain as the prolonged dry winter period came to an end with the recent change in the weather system.

In conclusion, the first snowfall in Murree and other hill stations has turned these locations into enchanting winter wonderlands. The natural beauty of the snow-covered landscapes has attracted tourists, contributing to the economic activities of hotels and businesses in the region. The arrival of snowfall is a welcome change for those seeking a winter retreat and adds to the charm of the northern areas of Pakistan.