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Snowfall Expected In Murree In Upcoming Days

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The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) anticipates a notable change in the weather pattern for Islamabad and Murree, offering a reprieve from the extended dry winter conditions. Deputy Director Irfan Vark conveyed that rain is on the horizon for Islamabad, promising relief from the prolonged dry spell that has persisted.

Simultaneously, the scenic hills of Murree are poised to witness snowfall, bringing a glimmer of hope to cities like Islamabad that have grappled with persistent dry weather.

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Contrastingly, Lahore is currently grappling with an unusually dry winter, marked by heightened cold and reduced smog. The plains of Punjab, including Lahore, find themselves under the grip of this dry spell, resulting in foggy conditions that severely impact visibility.

The plummeting temperatures to a brisk 6 degrees Celsius have led to disruptions such as the closure of the Motorway due to dense fog. Additionally, the dry and cold weather has contributed to the prevalence of colds and chest infections among the local residents.

In Swat, the prolonged drought has precipitated a concerning decline in the water table. The absence of both rain and snowfall has taken a toll on the environment, adversely affecting natural springs and drainage systems. Climate change has further compounded the issue, exacerbating severe drought conditions in Swat, with detrimental consequences for agriculture.

The untimely dearth of rainfall poses substantial risks to crops, resulting in the damage of standing crops and gardens. The water table, plummeting to a critical depth of 120 feet, underscores the urgency of the situation, necessitating immediate attention to address the severe impacts of the prolonged dry spell in Swat.