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Election 2024

In Written Testimony, Donald Lu Highlights Election Concerns

In Written Testimony, Donald Lu Highlights Election Concerns

In Washington, US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu expressed concerns about irregularities observed in Pakistan’s General Elections in written testimony submitted to the American Congress.

Lu, a notable diplomat previously implicated by Imran Khan in a cipher case, is scheduled to provide his testimony before the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

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His written testimony outlines Washington’s worries regarding election irregularities in Pakistan, focusing on issues like freedom of expression, electoral violence, and allegations of interference.

Lu highlighted challenges faced by several political leaders, including registration obstacles for themselves and their parties, which hindered the electoral process. He also noted instances of harassment and abuse targeting journalists, particularly female reporters, by supporters of political parties.

Despite these challenges, Lu acknowledged positive elements such as a significant voter turnout exceeding 60 million and a record number of women and minority candidates participating in the elections.

He emphasized the importance of strengthening Pakistan’s democratic institutions and promoting economic stability through initiatives like development grants, private sector investment, and humanitarian aid.

Lu also addressed Pakistan’s growing debt issues, advocating for economic reforms and private sector-driven investments to spur economic growth. Additionally, he stressed the importance of respecting human rights and religious freedoms.

His written testimony, posted on the House subcommittee’s website a day prior to the hearing, underscores Pakistan’s significance as a key partner of the United States. Lu urged continued engagement with Pakistan to address challenges, emphasizing the need for economic reforms and private sector-led investments to benefit the wider population.