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In Karachi jail, AIDS-positive Prisoner Commits Suicide

In Karachi jail, AIDS-positive Prisoner Commits Suicide

In Malir Jail, Karachi, a detainee tragically took his own life after receiving a positive HIV/AIDS diagnosis, it was revealed on Tuesday. Minister for Prisons, Ali Hassan Zardari, has promptly responded by ordering an immediate investigation into the incident.

According to preliminary findings, the inmate, identified as Aziz Khan Janoon, reportedly jumped from a building, succumbing to suicide. It’s believed that Janoon was grappling with severe mental distress following his HIV diagnosis.

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Minister Zardari has instructed relevant authorities to swiftly conduct a thorough inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the prisoner’s death and to provide a detailed report on the matter.

This incident raises concerns about the health conditions within Pakistani prisons. A media report from last year highlighted the vulnerability of inmates in Punjab’s overcrowded prisons to potential outbreaks of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), as well as hepatitis B and C, among other diseases.