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ICC Reveals New York Venue For Pakistan-India Match On June 9

ICC Reveals New York Venue For Pakistan-India Match On June 9

DUBAI – The International Cricket Council (ICC) has unveiled a cutting-edge modular stadium in New York, boasting a seating capacity of 34,000. This state-of-the-art facility is set to host eight matches during the upcoming T20 World Cup, showcasing the ICC’s ambitious efforts to tap into the lucrative sports market in the United States.

The Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York has been specifically chosen to host the highly anticipated June 9 match between India and Pakistan, underscoring the ICC’s commitment to establishing a strong presence in this new market. Sustainability is a key focus for this innovative venue, as highlighted by Chris Tetley, the ICC’s Head of Events, during an online discussion with select media.

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The stadium’s design incorporates repurposed grandstands from the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas and features drop-in pitches. Upon completion, it is anticipated to surpass the size of any cricket venue in England and even outshine the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, which hosted the 2011 50-overs World Cup final.

Chris Tetley stressed the importance of a significant initiative to make an impact in the vast U.S. sports market, stating, “It’s a clearly defined target market for ICC. As we all know, it’s the largest sports market in the world. It’s already our third biggest broadcast market, and we’ve identified at least 30 million cricket fans in the U.S.”

The U.S. is co-hosting the T20 World Cup with the West Indies, and Tetley assured a memorable experience for American fans. While certain elements of the venue, including the pitches, will be removed after the World Cup, the facility itself, described as “world class,” will remain for the local community to utilize. This initiative represents a strategic move by the ICC to expand the footprint of cricket in the United States and capitalize on the immense potential of the American sports market.