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ICC Releases Statement Regarding Zainab Abbas’s Controversial Exit from World Cup

ICC Releases Statement Regarding Zainab Abbas's Controversial Exit from World Cup

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has refuted claims that Zainab Abbas was expelled from India, attributing her decision to withdraw from the ODI World Cup 2023 just days after it commenced to personal reasons.

Pakistani sports presenter Zainab Abbas has departed from India amid controversy surrounding her involvement in the World Cup 2023 broadcast team. Conflicting reports have arisen regarding the circumstances behind her departure, triggering a spirited debate.

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Initially, media reports suggested that security concerns prompted her departure, following a complaint filed in Delhi by a local lawyer. The lawyer accused Zainab Abbas of posting tweets in 2014 that targeted the Hindu faith. Additionally, a tweet from her official account was cited in the case as being Anti-Hindu due to its pro-Kashmir content.

Following the incident, Zainab Abbas has exited the World Cup campaign and is no longer in India, with speculations circulating that she was deported. In response to these allegations, the International Cricket Council (ICC) clarified that Zainab Abbas was not deported from India and explained that her departure was due to “personal reasons.”

Zainab Abbas has also dismissed the accusations, asserting that she is unjustly accused and unfairly targeted over tweets that have been taken out of context.