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How To Identify Fake Rs.5,000 Currency Notes?

How To Identify Fake Rs.5,000 Currency Notes?

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has responded to concerns raised by the Senate Standing Committee on Finance regarding the widespread circulation of counterfeit Rs. 5,000 notes by sharing a comprehensive explanatory video. This initiative comes in the wake of growing apprehension about the prevalence of fake currency.

Originally posted on SBP’s YouTube channel in 2018, the video serves as a detailed guide, providing explicit instructions on discerning the key security features that distinguish a genuine Rs. 5,000 note from a counterfeit one. Among the notable features highlighted is the presence of a Pakistani flag printed with optically variable magnetic ink on the note.

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Furthermore, the video draws attention to a protective thread, consisting of silver dashes, located on the left side of the note. This thread is designed in such a way that, when observed under adequate lighting, the legal value of the note becomes visible.

It is crucial to underscore that the circulation of fake currency notes is not a new challenge in Pakistan; rather, it has persisted over the years. The SBP’s proactive approach in disseminating information through the explainer video aims to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to identify counterfeit Rs. 5,000 notes, thereby contributing to the mitigation of economic risks associated with counterfeit currency in the country.