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Has Shoaib Malik Sent Flirtatious Texts To Actress Nawal Saeed?

Has Shoaib Malik Sent Flirtatious Texts To Actress Nawal Saeed?

Nawal Saeed, a prominent figure in Lollywood as an actor and model, has recently disclosed startling revelations concerning receiving flirtatious messages from Pakistani cricketers. Although she expressed her dismay at receiving such messages from cricket stars, she refrained from divulging any specific names. Saeed mentioned having screenshots of these messages, which she has retained on her phone.

During a recent appearance on a Ramadan show aired on a private news channel, the 25-year-old reiterated her experience of cricketers contacting her through direct messages on social media platforms. When questioned about Shoaib Malik, she initially remained silent and then avoided directly addressing the question by claiming to have forgotten the name.

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Providing further insights, Saeed clarified that while some may believe she made her statements for a specific purpose, she emphasized that she has received messages from various cricketers on Instagram. However, she chose not to publicly name these individuals, stating that sports personalities, given their stature and prominence, should refrain from sending such messages to women.

Nawal Saeed has gained recognition for her roles in numerous successful projects, both as a lead and supporting actress. Her outstanding performances in dramas such as “Bezaban,” “Faryaad,” “Sitam,” “Dil E Weeran,” “Daagh E Dil,” and “Maah E Tamam” have garnered praise from fans. Currently, she is being lauded for her captivating portrayal in the popular drama serial “Jaan e Jahan.”