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Has Agha Ali Confirmed Divorce From Hina Altaf?

has Agha Ali Confirmed Divorce From Hina Altaf?

Pakistani actor Agha Ali has once again hinted at his separation from his wife, Hina Altaf, with a cryptic statement. During a recent interview, when questioned about household chores, the Bhagam Bhag actor mentioned that he lives alone and prefers to manage all tasks himself due to his busy shooting schedule, implying a lack of time spent with family.

This statement has fueled ongoing speculation regarding his relationship status with Hina Altaf, as the couple has not been seen together for quite some time. Speculation initially arose in November 2023 when Agha Ali removed their wedding photos from social media, suggesting a potential divorce.

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Further rumors circulated last year when both Agha Ali and Hina Altaf unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Agha embarked on a solo trip to Greece, accompanied by the removal of Hina’s photos and enigmatic captions from his Instagram account. Additionally, Hina Altaf changed her last name on Instagram from ‘Agha’ to ‘Altaf,’ seemingly confirming the divorce, although some fans retained hope.

The couple, who had tied the knot in May 2020, had openly displayed their relationship both on and off-screen before marriage, making the rumors of their separation all the more significant.