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Hareem Shah Joins PoliticS In UK

Hareem Shah Joins PoliticS In UK

Hareem Shah, one of Pakistan’s most prominent figures on social media, announced on Thursday that she has joined a major political party in the United Kingdom at the invitation of its leader. While she didn’t reveal the specific party, she confirmed her affiliation, stating that among the three main political parties in the UK, she has aligned herself with one. Although she kept the party’s name undisclosed for now, she affirmed her membership.

In her statement, Hareem Shah mentioned the Labour, Tories, and Liberal Democrats as the primary political factions in the UK. She disclosed that a high-ranking member of one of these parties invited her to join, expressing her intention to contest future elections and become a member of the British parliament, confidently declaring her forthcoming presence in the UK Parliament.

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Asserting her influence and popularity, Hareem claimed that her online prominence led one of these parties to seek her involvement, emphasizing her standing as a globally recognized figure, listed among Google’s top search results. She viewed this invitation as a fortunate opportunity and pledged to advocate for Pakistan’s interests, particularly emphasizing her ongoing efforts in promoting human rights.

Recently, Hareem sought protection from Scotland Yard due to reported threats she received, prompting her to file a complaint with the police. Allegations of embezzlement against her by some British Pakistanis in Manchester were also refuted by Hareem, who urged her accusers to address their concerns through proper legal channels rather than resorting to social media defamation. Despite the allegations, London Police provided her with security, and the Modern Slavery Human Trafficking Unit (MSHTU) of the UK government initiated an investigation.

Having left Pakistan over a year ago, Hareem has remained in London ever since, asserting her permanent residence in the city.