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Hareem Shah Provided Police Protection Post Harassment

Hareem Shah Provided Police Protection Post Harassment

Famed TikToker Hareem Shah has recently received police protection in London due to instances of harassment and threats stemming from allegations of defrauding individuals of over £5,000. Shah revealed this development in an interview with a local news outlet.

In the past week, unidentified accounts began circulating videos and images of Shah on social media, which she vehemently denied, labeling them as deepfake creations. Shah accused British Pakistani individuals behind these claims, claiming they are connected to a “mafia” and targeting her after she aided a girl facing blackmail.

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“These individuals have ties to various political groups,” Shah stated. “They may have assumed they could act with impunity in the UK as they do in Pakistan, but I have taken legal action. How could they resort to such deceitful tactics, particularly during Ramadan?”

Originally from Bahawalpur, the 32-year-old Shah left Pakistan a year ago, initially settling in Manchester before relocating to London to escape harassment. Disputing the theft allegations circulating on social media, Shah questioned, “If I had truly stolen money, wouldn’t the aggrieved parties have reported it to the authorities for investigation? Instead, they chose to harass, threaten, and defame me online.”

Shah has initiated legal proceedings against those tarnishing her reputation on social media, seeking appropriate recourse.