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Gunfire Near AC Judge Bashir Vehicle In Rawalpindi

Gunfire Near AC Judge Bashir’s Vehicle In Rawalpindi

In Rawalpindi, an incident occurred where a man named Shayan Zulfiqar opened fire near the vehicle of Accountability Court (AC) Judge Muhammad Bashir within the jurisdiction of the Airport police station. Fortunately, the judge and his accompanying police squad escaped unharmed, and prompt action led to the arrest of the assailant, Shayan Zulfiqar.

According to police reports, Shayan Zulfiqar was approached by the police, and in response, he resorted to opening fire. The incident unfolded within the jurisdiction of the Airport police station. Despite the attempted attack, there were no injuries sustained by the judge or the police personnel present at the scene. The swift response from law enforcement resulted in the apprehension of Shayan Zulfiqar.

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The motive behind the attempted attack and the circumstances leading up to the incident remain under investigation. The security and safety of judicial figures are paramount, and incidents of this nature are taken seriously by authorities. The arrest of the assailant ensures that further inquiries can be conducted to ascertain the details surrounding the incident and any potential motives behind the attack.