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Gullu Butt, Infamous For Model Town Vandalism, Passes Away

Gullu Butt, Infamous For Model Town Vandalism, Passes Away

Shahid Aziz, also known as Gullu Butt, the notorious individual recognized for his distinctive mustache, who gained notoriety for his involvement in the violence that erupted in Model Town in 2014, has passed away following an extended period of illness.

Butt’s deteriorating health had confined him to his bed for many months. His family disclosed that he had been grappling with a brain hemorrhage and diabetes, with the latter condition also affecting his eyesight.

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The onset of high blood sugar levels had also contributed to Shahid’s vision impairment. Daily Pakistan documented Gullu Butt’s plight during his incapacitation, noting his inability to communicate due to his condition.

Gullu Butt rose to infamy in 2014 when he was captured on video vandalizing numerous vehicles with a club outside the Pakistan Awami Tehreek office in Model Town. The footage captured him smashing the windows of vehicles parked outside Tahirul Qadri’s religious center during a police operation, which resulted in the deaths of at least 10 individuals due to police brutality during the clashes.