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2024’s First Lunar Eclipse: Time And Locations?

2024's First lunar eclipse: Time and locations?

The initial Lunar Eclipse of the year is occurring tonight, sparking excitement among people eager to observe this rare astronomical event, which promises striking visual effects such as the Moon appearing half and reddish.

Observing the moon as it enters Earth’s shadow and undergoes a change in color is a visually captivating and memorable experience for individuals worldwide.

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Tonight’s astronomical occurrence is a penumbral lunar eclipse, characterized by the outer part of Earth’s shadow being cast across the lunar surface.

Known as ‘Chand Grahan,’ the first lunar eclipse of the year will last nearly four hours, but unfortunately, people in Pakistan, India, and neighboring countries won’t be able to witness it this time.

The Lunar Eclipse is scheduled to commence at 9:53 pm, reach its peak at 12:12 am, and conclude at 2:32 am. For locations six hours or more behind GMT, the eclipse will begin on the night of March 24, 2024.

Residents of North and South America, Europe, and certain parts of Asia and Africa will have the opportunity to observe this lunar spectacle.

Lunar Eclipse 2024 Time (PST)
Eclipse Begins 09:53 am
Peak Eclipse 12:12 pm
Eclipse Ends 02:32 pm
Start (March 24 GMT) Night of March 24, 2024 (for places 6+ hours behind GMT)