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Government Sets Date For Hajj 2024 Balloting, Sponsorship Scheme

Government Sets Date For Hajj 2024 Balloting, Sponsorship Scheme

The federal government in Islamabad has revealed the balloting date for regular Hajj scheme applicants and emphasized the conclusion of the application deadline for this scheme in a social media post on X. The Sponsorship Scheme’s application deadline is set for December 31st, as announced by the ministry on Friday. The ministry affirmed that the balloting for successful regular Hajj applicants would take place on December 28th, given that applications have surpassed the allocated quota for Pakistan, reaching 66,000 by Friday prayers. No further extension in the deadline is anticipated.

Saudi Arabia has directed airlines to submit their schedules for the upcoming Hajj by January 2nd. The government, originally setting December 12th as the deadline (extended to December 22nd), allowed applicants who performed Hajj in the last five years. New offerings include the Short Hajj package and the ongoing validity of the Sponsorship Scheme.

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Long Hajj costs vary based on regions, with South region (Karachi, Sukkur) at Rs 10,65,000 and other cities (Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Sialkot, Faisalabad) at Rs 10,75,000. Sponsorship scheme applicants pay $3765 (South) and $3800 (North). Short Hajj costs for regular applicants are Rs 11,40,000 (South) and Rs 11,50,000 (North), continuing for 20-25 days. Sponsorship Scheme’s Short Hajj costs $4015 (South) and $4050 (North). Despite visible economic challenges, the government seeks Ministry of Information and Broadcasting support for awareness campaigns to encourage more applicants for the spiritual journey.