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Google Assistant to Get Highly Anticipated Bard AI Features

Google Assistant to Get Highly Anticipated Bard AI Features

The widely-used virtual assistant, Google Assistant, present on the majority of Android devices, is undergoing a notable transformation with the introduction of the highly-anticipated Bard feature.

Recent leaks have provided a sneak peek into the evolving version known as “Assistant with Bard” on Android mobile devices. These leaked screenshots offer a tantalizing glimpse into the potential ways Bard’s inclusion will reshape user experience and interaction with Google Assistant.

Renowned Android app developer Dylan Roussel recently shared a series of images on X (formerly Twitter), offering insight into what users might expect from “Assistant with Bard” on Android devices. These images shed light on the upcoming interface and functionalities of this transformative addition to Google Assistant.

Upon activation, Assistant with Bard introduces a versatile floating popup interface, allowing users to interact via typing, voice commands, or image sharing. The AI-powered Assistant engages users with a “What’s on your mind?” popup, facilitating seamless interactions. Users can request assistance in various tasks, such as capturing information from their screens, streamlining daily activities.

Google is gearing up to offer multiple response options with each interaction through Bard, including features like thumbs up/down and share/export. It’s noteworthy that these features may undergo further refinements as the final version of Assistant with Bard becomes public.

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A significant change is evident in the interface of Assistant with Bard. The overlay, triggered by this feature, is slightly smaller than the existing popup, introducing a subtle buffer of space around the edges for enhanced visual appeal.

However, the flexibility of Assistant with Bard remains intact. Users can effortlessly expand the interface to a full-screen view, providing ample space for tasks and interactions. The expanded UI includes a convenient back button in the top-left corner, opening a comprehensive list of ongoing conversations with Bard for seamless navigation and management.

While the official release date of Assistant with Bard is undisclosed, anticipation is building. Although Assistant is already accessible on iPhones, the integration of Bard may initially be limited to select devices, such as the Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 series, adding an element of exclusivity to this eagerly awaited AI advancement.