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Gold Prices Decrease In Pakistan, Check The Latest Prices

Gold Prices Decrease In Pakistan, Check The Latest Prices

Pakistan, on Wednesday, the downward trend in gold prices persisted, aligning with the global decline in gold rates.

According to data provided by the All Pakistan Gems and Jewellers Association, the price of gold per tola experienced a substantial drop of Rs3,600, settling at Rs213,700. Simultaneously, the cost of 10 grams of gold saw a decline of Rs3,087, reaching Rs168,213 in the local market.

On the international front, the price of gold exhibited a decrease of $22, concluding at $2,045 per ounce. This decline in global gold rates appears to have influenced the corresponding drop in the domestic market.

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Conversely, silver prices in Pakistan witnessed a modest increase, with a rise of Rs50 per tola, bringing the new price to Rs2,600. The cost of 10 grams of silver saw an uptick of Rs42.86, closing at Rs2,229.08.

The fluctuations in both gold and silver prices, both domestically and internationally, reflect the dynamic nature of the precious metals market. The continuous monitoring of these price movements is essential for stakeholders and consumers alike, as they navigate the economic landscape influenced by global market trends.