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Gold Price in Pakistan Today

Gold Price in Pakistan Today

Gold rates have been verified by the Sarafa Jewelers Association and align with the trends observed in the International Gold Market.

24k Gold Price in Different Cities of Pakistan

  • City 24k Gold Per Tola
  • Lahore: Rs. 243,000      
  • Karachi: Rs. 243,000      
  • Islamabad: Rs. 243,000      
  • Peshawar : Rs. 243,000      
  • Quetta: Rs. 243,000

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Gold in the International Market

Globally, gold remains a sought-after asset for its ability to preserve wealth. It is particularly valuable during economic uncertainties, acting as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. While gold tends to maintain its value over the long term, short-term fluctuations are influenced by the same factors affecting local markets.

Investors and consumers should keep an eye on these variables to make informed decisions about buying or selling gold. Regular updates on gold prices are crucial for making timely investments. For the most current and accurate gold prices, including real-time updates and detailed analysis, consumers and investors can rely on trusted financial news sources such as Daily Pakistan.