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Gold Maintains Upward Momentum In Pakistan

Gold Maintains Upward Momentum In Pakistan

For the second consecutive day, gold in the domestic market of Pakistan has continued its upward trajectory, aligning with the prevailing trend in the international market. Data provided by the All Pakistan Gems and Jewellers Association indicates that the price of gold per tola experienced a rise of Rs100, reaching a settlement at Rs215,900. Likewise, the cost of 10 grams of gold increased by Rs86, closing at Rs185,100.

On the global front, the price of this precious metal witnessed a $2 surge, settling at $2,056. This consistent increase in gold prices both domestically and internationally signifies a sustained upward movement in its value.

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In contrast, silver prices in Pakistan remained unchanged, standing at Rs2,570 per tola and Rs2,203.36 per 10 grams.

A day prior to the latest data, the per tola price of gold had witnessed a substantial increase of Rs700, reaching a settlement at Rs215,800. Similarly, the cost of 10 grams of gold had risen by Rs600, concluding at Rs185,014. This indicates a continuation of the positive trend in gold prices in the domestic market.

The ongoing surge in gold prices may be influenced by various factors, including global economic conditions, geopolitical events, and market demand dynamics. Investors and analysts will likely monitor these trends closely to anticipate potential shifts in the precious metals market.