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Gaza Million March Calls For International Intervention

Gaza Million March Calls For International Intervention

The Gaza Million March, organized to commemorate the 100-day Israeli campaign against Palestinians in Gaza, called upon the international community to swiftly address Israel’s actions in what was deemed a genocide. The event witnessed a diverse participation of individuals from various backgrounds, including representatives from religio-political parties, legal associations, traders, and other sectors.

Taking place on Shahrea Faisal, the march allocated one side of the road for women and children and the other for men. Participants, carrying banners and placards, vocalized their opposition to Israel and its supporters while expressing solidarity with Palestinians, particularly Hamas.

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Addressing the march via an audio link, Sirajul Haq, the Ameer of JI Pakistan, criticized the passive stance of Muslim world leaders in the face of Israeli actions, attributing it to pressure from Israel and the United States. He urged the nation to support candidates who can effectively represent their aspirations and denounced leaders perceived as cowardly.

Engr Hafiz Naeemur Rehman, the Ameer of JI Karachi, emphasized the importance of individual efforts to support Palestinians against Israeli occupation. He commended the Houthi regime in Yemen for supporting Hamas and noted the global division post the October 7 initiative, with people of conscience aligning against Zionist-supporting regimes.

Highlighting the impact of boycotting Israeli products, Rehman proposed the launch of the “Mera Brand Pakistan” initiative by Alkhidmat and the Pakistan Business Forum on January 20 and 21, encouraging public participation.

Allama Hassan Zaffar Naqvi underscored that Hamas’ resistance exposed local supporters of Israel within the Muslim world, including Pakistan. Allama Baqir Abbas Zaidi, the President of Majlis Wahdatul Muslameen Sindh, paid tribute to the resilience of the Gaza resistance against Israeli occupation, highlighting the Palestinians’ determination in the face of a perceived inhumane campaign of genocide.