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Gaza Conflict Persists, Death Toll Reaches 13,000

Gaza Conflict Persists, Death Toll Reaches 13,000

Israel has continued its attacks on the Gaza Strip, destroying buildings in residential areas in pursuit of Hamas. Jewish forces have reportedly killed twice as many children in the enclave since October 7 than the total number of children killed in Palestine since 1967.

According to Gaza officials, the death toll in the strip has surpassed 13,000 since the war erupted on October 7. The DG media office stated that among the deceased, 5,500 were children, and 3,500 were women, with over 30,000 others sustaining injuries. The number of missing persons remains over 6,000, mostly children and women. The ongoing bombardment has led to the complete destruction of 83 mosques, with 166 others suffering damages, and some churches have also been targeted.

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Most hospitals and local health centers are out of service, and Israeli forces have targeted 55 ambulances. Gaza holds Israel and the international community fully responsible for the ongoing crimes in the Gaza Strip. Amid the dire situation, the UN special rapporteur on occupied Palestinian territories stated that there is no place left to take shelter, calling on governments to demand a ceasefire and ensure its respect.

Israel has been conducting air strikes on Gaza and other parts of the occupied Palestinian territories since October 7, which was the day when Hamas fighters conducted surprise attacks across the border into Israel, resulting in the killing of around 1,200 Israelis and the taking of more than 200 hostages.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan announced on Sunday that ministers from Arab and Muslim countries would visit China on Monday as the first leg of a tour aimed at ending the war in Gaza.