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UN Warns Of Gaza Crisis, Death Toll 12,000+

UN Warns Of Gaza Crisis, Death Toll 12,000+

The UNRWA issued a Saturday warning on the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Gaza due to Israel’s military assaults and increased isolation. The UN agency stressed that the situation in Gaza is worsening rapidly, with numerous casualties among civilians and UNRWA colleagues. Israel’s ongoing attacks have resulted in the deaths of over 100 UNRWA employees. In honor of these victims, UN flags were lowered to half-mast globally.

A second UNRWA statement emphasized that the consequences of the imposed siege will lead to further deaths. The UN urges a crucial ceasefire to preserve humanity. An Israeli strike on a UNRWA-affiliated school caused casualties among displaced Palestinians

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. Since October 7, Israel’s bombings have led to over 12,000 Palestinian deaths, including 8,300 women and children, with over 30,000 wounded.