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Gabriel Attal Makes History as France’s Youngest and First Openly Gay Prime Minister

Paris – In a historic move, 34-year-old Gabriel Attal, a rising French politician, has been appointed as the country’s youngest prime minister by President Emmanuel Macron. This decision is part of Macron’s efforts to revitalize his second term. Attal, who gained recognition as the first openly gay Prime Minister, takes over from Élisabeth Borne, stepping into the role while serving as the education minister.

Attal’s journey in the spotlight began as an adviser in the health ministry, later transitioning to a parliamentarian after the 2017 polls. If successful in his role as PM, he aims to run for the presidency in the coming years. Despite his fame, Attal faces criticism from the French nationalist right.

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As a former government spokesman during the Covid pandemic, Attal, known for his hardline stance, gained popularity by banning Muslim Abaya in state schools, attracting conservative voters despite his leftist background. His focus as the new PM is on addressing ongoing social issues and ensuring the government’s efficacy.

Joining the ranks of openly gay world leaders, Attal is part of a distinguished group that includes San Marino’s Captain Regent Paolo Rondelli, Latvia’s President Edgars Rinkēvičs, Iceland’s former PM Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, Belgium’s ex-premier Elio Di Rupo, Luxembourg’s former leader Xavier Bettel, and Ireland’s PM Leo Varadkar.