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FBR Reveals Wealthy Beneficiaries of 0 % Tax Amnesty Scheme During Nawaz Sharif’s Era

FBR Reveals Wealthy Beneficiaries of 0 % Tax Amnesty Scheme During Nawaz Sharif's Era

During the former Premier Nawaz Sharif’s tenure, a total of 19 affluent taxpayers and super-wealthy individuals took advantage of the ‘Zero Percent Tax Amnesty Scheme,’ thereby legalizing an aggregate sum of Rs. 1.9 billion.

In accordance with a directive from the Pakistan Information Commission (PIC), the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has unveiled information regarding the individuals and businesses that benefited from the ‘Zero Percent Tax Amnesty Scheme’ during Nawaz Sharif’s term in office.

The disclosed data reveals that, under the aforementioned past amnesty program, 19 taxpayers utilized the provisions of clause (86) of Part-IV of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, resulting in a total of Rs. 1.9 billion in legalized funds.

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Among this sum, three individuals from Lahore legalized Rs. 1.176 billion under the jurisdiction of the Large Tax Office (LTO) Lahore. Additionally, five taxpayers from the Corporate Tax Office Lahore participated in the scheme, with a total of Rs. 352 million involved. In Karachi, six taxpayers availed the scheme under the jurisdiction of the Corporate Tax Office Karachi, amounting to Rs. 450 million. The remaining beneficiaries hailed from Gujranwala and Sukkur.

The PIC’s directive came about after a tax attorney named Waheed Shahzad Butt lodged a complaint against the FBR, alleging that the agency was concealing vital information. Waheed Shahzad Butt had previously sought the disclosure of information regarding the companies and individuals who utilized Clause 86 of the Second Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, along with the corresponding zero percent income tax amounts, by approaching both the LHC and the Federal Tax Ombudsman.

Butt noted that the FBR ultimately complied with the law and released the requested information in line with the PIC’s order. These actions not only led to tangible consequences but also bolstered the credibility and reputation of the PIC.

Earlier on, the PIC had also issued a notice proposing a penalty equal to 100 days’ salary for the chairman of the FBR due to the agency’s failure to disclose information about beneficiaries of the amnesty scheme introduced during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure.