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Extension Of Winter Holidays For Educational Institutions Announced

Extension Of Winter Holidays For Educational Institutions Announced

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has issued a detailed verdict, expanding on its brief order from the previous day, which extended winter vacations in light of the prevailing smog conditions.

In a comprehensive two-page written directive, Justice Shahid Karim has instructed the Punjab Education Department to formally release a notification announcing the extension of winter vacations.

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The written order explicitly states that this extension is applicable to all educational institutions, encompassing schools and colleges.

This decision was prompted by the Lahore High Court (LHC), which mandated an additional week of winter vacations in response to the escalating threat of smog.

These directives were issued during hearings related to petitions seeking remedies to address the smog crisis.

Prior to the court’s intervention, the Punjab government had already implemented a schedule of three off days per week for schools in the provincial capital, Lahore, in response to the severe smog conditions.

This measure was taken following previous orders from the Lahore High Court, with the aim of alleviating the impact of smog on air quality in the provincial capital.

The dense smog affecting cities in the early days of winter has been attributed to various factors, including emissions from vehicles, industrial facilities, and the burning of crop residues.