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Etihad Airways Announces Jobs For International Candidates

Etihad Airways Announces Jobs For International Candidates

Etihad Airways, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, has unveiled an ambitious expansion plan, intending to hire around 2,000 professionals, including pilots, cabin crew, and mechanics throughout the current year. This initiative is part of the airline’s anticipation of substantial growth by 2025, with a notable emphasis on recruiting non-Emiratis for the majority of these positions.

As part of this expansion, the airline plans to integrate an additional 15 aircraft into its fleet. Antonoaldo Neves, the Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Airways, highlights the pivotal recruitment and training phase set for the latter half of the year. This phase aims to strengthen the airline’s operational capabilities in preparation for the anticipated fleet expansion.

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The decision to expand comes as Etihad Airways seeks to improve its service offerings by increasing the number of flights, frequencies, and destinations. This strategic move is driven by a noticeable increase in passenger traffic, with the airline achieving an 86% passenger load factor in 2023, a significant improvement from the previous year’s 82%.

In a recent announcement, Etihad disclosed its financial results for 2023, revealing a revenue of Dh20.3 billion, a net profit of Dh525 million, and an operating result of Dh1.4 billion. This performance is attributed to a Dh4 billion increase in passenger revenue compared to the previous year.

Looking ahead, Neves expresses optimism about the future, aiming to increase the passenger count from 10 million in 2022 to over 30 million by 2030, contingent on acquiring additional aircraft to meet the growing demand. He projects a growth of 25 to 30% in 2024 alone, with aspirations to transport 17 million passengers if the fleet expansion proceeds as planned.

In a brief mention of the airline’s commitment to national talent development, Neves expresses the hope of significantly increasing the number of Emirati pilots within the airline in the coming years, underscoring the importance of representing the UAE on the global stage.