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Election 2024

Elections 2024: Independent Winners Not Related To PTI

ElectionS 2024: Independent Winners Not Related To PTI

ISLAMABAD – In a surprising turn of events, non-affiliated candidates, largely supported by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), are taking the lead as the results for the 2024 general elections unfold.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has released preliminary results, based on form 47, for 253 constituencies out of a total of 265.

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The outcomes reveal that 100 candidates have secured National Assembly general seats, followed by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) with 71 seats and the Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians with 54 seats. The MQM-P has attained 17 seats, while JUI-P and PML have each clinched three seats.

To elucidate the PTI’s representation in the total seats won by the independent candidates thus far, a compiled list details the winning independent candidates unaffiliated with the PTI.

The following is the list:

NA-12 Kohistan

Independent candidate Muhammad Idrees emerged victorious with 26,583 votes, defeating PTI-backed independent Taj Muhammad, who secured only 2,213 votes.

NA 48 Islamabad

Independent candidate Raja Khuram Nawaz secured victory with 696,999 votes, surpassing PTI-backed Ali Bukhari, who garnered 59,851 votes.

NA 54 Rawalpindi

Independent Aqeel Malik defeated PTI-backed Azra Masood in this constituency.

NA 88 Khushab

The results for this constituency are pending. However, available data suggests independent candidate Moazzam Sher is leading against PTI-backed Akram Niazi.

NA 92 Bhakkar

Rasheed Akbar Khan emerged as the winner, securing 142,761 votes, while PTI-backed Zaheer Abbas Naqvi received only 38,748 votes.

NA 144 Khanewal

Raza Hayat Haraj won as an independent candidate with 118,999 votes, while PTI-backed Shhabaz Ahmed Khan secured only 829 votes.

NA 189 Rajanpur

PTI’s Zahid Mehmood Mazari faced defeat in this constituency, as independent candidate Shamsher Ali Mizari emerged victorious with 83,074 votes.

NA 253 (Ziarat-cum-Hernai-cum-Sibi-Kohlu-Fera Bugti)

Independent candidate Mian Khan secured the seat with 37,090 votes, while PTI-backed Saddam Tareen garnered 11,923 votes.

PTI’s Contribution

This implies that the PTI holds the majority, securing 92 out of the 100 seats won by independent candidates thus far.