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Election 2024

ECP Extends Election Symbol Allocation Procedure

ECP Extends Election Symbol Allocation Procedure

In Islamabad, Pakistan, the country’s electoral oversight body has decided to extend the duration for the allocation of electoral symbols to candidates participating in the upcoming general elections. The spokesperson for the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announced that the process of assigning electoral symbols will continue until 9:00 pm. This extension aims to accommodate the convenience of candidates and political parties involved in the electoral process.

The ECP had initially set a deadline for the submission of nominations by December 24. A total of 28,626 candidates submitted their nominations for the national and provincial assembly elections within this timeframe. Following the nomination phase, scrutiny of the nominations took place until December 30. The subsequent step involved the reception of appeals from candidates, continuing until January 3. All appeals were then finalized by January 10.

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Originally scheduled for January 12, the last date for candidates to withdraw their nominations saw a last-minute extension by the ECP, providing additional hours for candidates to make withdrawals. In a statement on Friday, the ECP emphasized that the extension was granted to facilitate political parties and candidates, allowing them to withdraw their nominations until 10:30 pm on that day.

Following this withdrawal period, Returning Officers (ROs), appointed by the ECP, will undertake the issuance of electoral symbols to the candidates. This procedural extension reflects the ECP’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and inclusive electoral process, acknowledging the practical considerations and needs of political parties and candidates involved in the upcoming elections.