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Dutch Court Sentenced 12 Years Jail To Former Pakistani Cricketer

Dutch Court Sentenced 12 Years Jail To Former Pakistani Cricketer

In a significant legal development, a Dutch court has handed down a 12-year prison sentence to Khalid Latif for inciting the murder of the Dutch far-right leader, Geert Wilders. Notably, Latif was absent from the trial, raising unique challenges for the prosecution.

The court, despite Latif’s absence and his lack of detention in the Netherlands, deemed his statement as incitement to murder and a credible threat. During the proceedings, Prosecutor FA Kuipers argued that Latif’s intentions went beyond inciting violence resulting in loss of life; they extended to suppressing a Dutch representative.

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Additionally, prosecutors presented evidence suggesting that Latif had promoted a bounty for the assassination of Geert Wilders in a 2018 online video. Wilders, known for his far-right political stance, had initially planned a Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) caricature competition, which was later canceled due to widespread protests and escalating death threats.

Dutch prosecutors underscored the danger of Latif’s video, which further fueled existing hostility towards Wilders. Consequently, an international arrest warrant has been issued for Latif.

It’s worth mentioning that Dutch authorities have been attempting to contact the former cricketer since 2018, initially as a witness and subsequently to address the serious allegations against him.