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Dance Video Of Rawalpindi Commissioner Goes Viral

Dance Video Of Rawalpindi Commissioner Goes Viral

A video featuring Saif Anwar Jappa, the Director General of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), dancing to a classic hit by the late singing queen Noor Jahan, has gained widespread attention on social media. In the video, the high-ranking official, who has assumed additional responsibilities as the Rawalpindi Commissioner following his predecessor’s resignation, is seen showcasing impeccable dance moves to the timeless track ‘Jhanjhar Di Pawan Chankar.’

The viral video, initially shared on the social media platform Snack Video, quickly circulated across various online platforms, turning Saif Anwar Jappa into a subject of both online humor and criticism for his dance performance.

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While some viewers appreciated the DG’s dance skills and found amusement in the video, others expressed criticism, arguing that a government official of his stature should prioritize addressing public issues rather than engaging in such activities. The video has sparked a debate on the appropriate conduct expected from government officials, with contrasting opinions emerging regarding the acceptability of such displays by individuals in authoritative positions.

As social media users share their views on the video, it highlights the evolving dynamics of public perception and scrutiny in the digital age, where the actions of public figures, including government officials, are subject to instantaneous and widespread commentary. The incident serves as a reminder of the balance officials must strike between personal expressions and the expectations of their official roles in the eyes of the public.