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Election 2024

China lauds Pakistan’s Elections, Urges Political Cohesion

China lauds Pakistan's Elections, Urges Political Cohesion

China has extended congratulations to Pakistan for successfully conducting its general elections, emphasizing the importance of political unity in the aftermath of the electoral process.

Mao Ning, the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, expressed felicitations to Islamabad, acknowledging the general elections for the national and provincial assemblies. She characterized the conduct of the elections as ‘steady and smooth’ and expressed the hope that all political factions in Pakistan would collaborate to establish a new government.

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During a press briefing, the spokesperson conveyed that China observed the general elections in Pakistan were conducted in a generally stable and seamless manner, extending congratulations to the nation. The statement emphasized China’s respect for the choices made by the Pakistani people and expressed a sincere desire for relevant parties to collaborate in upholding political solidarity and social stability.

Highlighting the enduring partnership between Pakistan and China as all-weather strategic cooperative partners, the spokesperson emphasized Beijing’s aspiration to strengthen traditional friendship with Islamabad. China aims to foster an even closer China-Pakistan community, envisioning a shared future for the benefit of both nations’ populations.

The spokesperson underlined the necessity for all political parties in Pakistan to prioritize solidarity, advocating for collective efforts to address pertinent issues. This call for unity comes against the backdrop of political uncertainty in Pakistan following the general election, marked by numerous constituency results facing legal challenges and rival parties engaging in negotiations for potential coalitions.

In essence, China’s message conveys not only congratulations on the successful conduct of the elections but also an earnest appeal for political harmony and collaboration among the diverse factions within Pakistan. The emphasis on upholding stability and solidarity aligns with China’s broader interest in maintaining a stable and cooperative partnership with Pakistan, reflecting the significance of the relationship between the two nations.