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Charges Filed On Rawalpindi Illegal Housing Scheme Owners

Charges Filed On Rawalpindi Illegal Housing Scheme Owners

In a statement issued on Tuesday, a representative of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) announced that the Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MP&TE) Directorate, a division of the RDA, has officially lodged First Information Reports (FIRs) against the proprietors of four unauthorized housing projects.

The spokesperson disclosed that the FIRs were filed specifically against individuals named Arshad Mehmood Rahi, Nabeel Shahzad, Azhar Ali Khan, Saeed Rizwi, Muhammad Arshad Safi, and Haq Nawaz. These legal actions were initiated at the Chakri police station.

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Furthermore, the spokesperson divulged the identities of the unlawful housing projects targeted by the FIRs:

1. Rahber Joshua Block located in Mouza Malukal.
2. Shah-e-Kharasan Valley situated in Mouza Chak Nawan.
3. New Iqra City/Iqra Residencia found in Mouza Gahi Syedan Jorian.
4. Moon Galaxy Housing Project positioned in Mouza Koliyan Hameed near Kingdom Valley.

In conjunction with the FIRs, the MP&TE Directorate has also commenced legal proceedings against the promotional activities and marketing endeavors associated with these illicit housing projects. The spokesperson noted that the RDA had previously issued notices to these unauthorized schemes prior to the registration of FIRs.

Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, the spokesperson underscored that the initiation of a housing scheme, an apartment project, a commercial building, or any other construction without obtaining the necessary No Objection Certificate (NOC) and official approval from the RDA is deemed as a violation of the law.

The statement implies that the RDA is resolute in enforcing regulations related to urban planning and development within its jurisdiction. The FIRs and subsequent legal actions underscore the authority’s commitment to curbing unauthorized construction activities and ensuring that developers adhere to the prescribed legal procedures, including obtaining the requisite approvals from the RDA.

It is evident that the MP&TE Directorate, as part of its regulatory responsibilities, is actively pursuing those individuals responsible for unauthorized housing schemes. By naming specific individuals in the FIRs and disclosing the names and locations of the illegal projects, the RDA aims to bring transparency to the enforcement process and send a clear message regarding the consequences of non-compliance with established regulations.

The spokesperson’s mention of serving notices to the unauthorized housing schemes before resorting to FIRs highlights a proactive approach by the RDA. This suggests that the authority is keen on providing due warnings to violators, affording them an opportunity to rectify their actions before resorting to legal measures.

In summary, the RDA, through its MP&TE Directorate, has taken decisive action against unauthorized housing schemes and their owners. The registration of FIRs, coupled with legal proceedings against promotional activities, signals a commitment to upholding urban planning regulations and ensuring that developers adhere to the prescribed legal procedures in Rawalpindi.