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Celebrities Criticize Rahat Fateh Ali Khan For Mistreating Staff

Celebrities Criticize Rahat Fateh Ali Khan For Mistreating Staff

Renowned Pakistani qawwali and playback singer, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, has become the center of attention due to a controversial video capturing an alleged physical altercation with a member of his personal staff, whom he referred to as his “student” and accused of misplacing a “bottle.”

The video, circulated widely on various social media platforms, depicts Khan in what appears to be an inebriated state, using abusive language and throwing punches at the staff member. The incident has triggered public outrage and scrutiny, drawing attention from social media users both within Pakistan and across borders.

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Indian playback singer Chinmayi Sripada condemned the incident on social media, sharing the viral video and describing it as “horrendous.” She emphasized the potential role of cameras in exposing the true nature of individuals who project a benign public image. Sripada expressed disappointment over the seemingly contradictory behavior of some public figures, stating, “Some of these people behave like such gentle, soft-spoken souls in public, one would never think they’d be capable of such inhumane behavior.” She underscored the power of cameras in revealing the reality behind the facade, suggesting that if cameras had been prevalent earlier, many celebrated figures might have been exposed for their true selves.’

Meanwhile, Pakistani actress and host Mishi Khan, known for her candid opinions, addressed the incident through a video shared on Instagram. In the caption, she expressed shock at witnessing a megastar behaving like a “barbarian” and engaging in merciless violence against his personal staff. Khan criticized the artist, questioning the need for such inhumane actions when one possesses significant wealth. She suggested that instead of resorting to violence, individuals with substantial financial means could choose to address issues differently.

The incident involving Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has not only sparked discussions on social media platforms but also raised questions about the conduct of public figures, shedding light on the dichotomy between their public personas and private actions. The use of social media as a tool for exposing such incidents reflects a changing landscape where public figures are held accountable for their behavior, even beyond traditional media scrutiny.

In conclusion, the controversial video involving Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has prompted strong reactions from both Indian and Pakistani personalities. The incident serves as a reminder of the power of social media in bringing to light the true character of public figures, challenging the carefully crafted images they present to the public. As discussions unfold online, the incident underscores the need for accountability and ethical behavior, even in the private lives of celebrities.