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CDA Reduces Fuel Allowances for Officials Amid Rising Petrol Prices

CDA Reduces Fuel Allowances for Officials Amid Rising Petrol Prices

Soaring fuel prices have resulted in a significant increase in travel expenses. To address this problem, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has implemented reductions in fuel allowances for its vehicles and senior officials.

In specific terms, the Chairman of CDA’s vehicle now has a reduced fuel capacity, going from 600 liters down to 400 liters. Similarly, board members’ vehicles have seen their fuel limits reduced from 400 liters to 300 liters.

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Directors and DGs are now restricted to 175 liters of petrol and diesel each, while deputy directors, assistant directors, and other officers will receive 150 liters of fuel per month.

It’s important to note that the fuel allocations for operational vehicles remain unchanged. However, the fuel allowances for officers’ personal use have been reduced, as stated by CDA resources.

This reduction in fuel allowances for these officials is expected to lead to a decrease in the department’s monthly fuel expenses, according to CDA officials. Additionally, this measure aligns with the government’s austerity efforts aimed at reducing operational costs.