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Kangana Ranaut returns to Twitter after ban is lifted.
Regarding the Scarsdale event, Hadiqa Kiani argues that it all comes down to our system and parenting.
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230 million people now subscribe to Netflix, and a co-founder steps down
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Dubai has been ranked the top spot in the world to visit for holidays.
Adnan Raza Mir, Ahad's brother, is about to make his television debut.
Michael, the biopic about Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, is started
Pasoori singer Ali Sethi misses chance to compose PSL Anthem because of father Najam Sethi
Feroze Khan faces legal action from Sarwat Gilani since she posted her mobile number online.
Global Star Priyanka Chopra praises Oscar Shortlisted Pakistani film 'Joyland'
Absolute moron Fahad slams vengeful Feroze for disclosing private information about actors in public