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Careem Celebrates One-Year Milestone with Launch of Flexi Ride

Careem Celebrates One-Year Milestone with Launch of Flexi Ride

Careem, the trailblazer of ride-hailing services in Pakistan, introduces Flexi Ride in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Flexi Ride is an innovative ride-hailing alternative that revolutionizes the freedom of choice for both customers and captains, allowing them to select their desired fare. The service encompasses three categories: Flexi GO, Flexi GO Mini, and Flexi Bikes.

Upon booking, customers will see an average fare and have the option to increase or decrease it. The bid is then dispatched to multiple captains in the vicinity, giving them the choice to accept the ride or propose a counter-bid. Once a price agreement is reached, a captain is assigned to the customer for their journey.

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Initially trialed in Faisalabad and Multan, Flexi Ride received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both customers and captains. Following its launch in Islamabad, Flexi Ride will expand to other cities where Careem operates, including Lahore and Karachi.

While Flexi Ride will be accessible in GO and GO Mini categories, the GO Premium will remain unchanged, retaining its existing marketplace model.

Imran Saleem, the General Manager of Ride Hailing at Careem Pakistan, commented on the Flexi Ride launch, stating, “We are dedicated to delivering the best ride-hailing experience for our customers and captains. Introducing Flexi Rides gives customers the flexibility to set their own fares, ensuring an unparalleled experience with the utmost safety. This also empowers captains to determine their own ride fares, positively impacting their overall earnings. We believe this flexibility will resonate with both our customers and captains, enhancing their journey convenience and enjoyment.”

Flexi Ride aims to provide customers with the assurance of fixed-price rides rather than variable fares. With an added layer of safety, Careem strives to offer the most reliable experience for both customers and captains.