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British Asian Trust Cuts Ties With Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

British Asian Trust Cuts Ties With Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

The British Asian Trust, an organization founded by King Charles III with a focus on combating violence, has chosen to sever its ties with the renowned singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. This decision comes in the wake of a video circulating online that shows the acclaimed singer engaging in a physical altercation with a band member. Renowned for its steadfast stance against abusive behavior, the Trust promptly denounced any acts of violence after reviewing the disturbing footage.

A spokesperson from the British Asian Trust shed light on the decision to terminate its association with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, citing a comprehensive examination of the video footage. The spokesperson stated, “The British Asian Trust has a strict policy towards abusive behavior and has ceased any association with Mr. Khan. We strongly condemn any form of violence, whatever the circumstances.”

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The incident took place in Houston, Texas, last year, capturing Khan physically assaulting a band member through the use of slaps, kicks, and even his shoes. Responding to the ensuing controversy, the celebrated musician issued a clarification, asserting that the reality of the situation differed from what was apparent in the video. He explained that the matter involved an internal dispute with a student named Naveed Husnain, and the “bottle” mentioned in the video contained water given by a spiritual leader, which he had misplaced.

Naveed Husnain, identified as Khan’s student, came to the singer’s defense, stating that the video depicted an internal matter and that Rahat had apologized to him. He emphasized his teacher’s love and accused unidentified individuals of attempting to defame Khan through blackmail.

Established in 2007 by Prince Charles, the British Asian Trust is dedicated to addressing poverty and promoting community relations. In 2017, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was appointed as an ambassador by Prince Charles, a role in which the renowned singer actively participated in initiatives supporting projects in South Asia.