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Barbie Film Now Playing in Punjab with Censored Dialogues


On Friday evening, Punjab cinema owners surprised audiences by resuming shows for the film Barbie and selling tickets once again. Some users shared screenshots from Universal Cinema, informing customers that the objections raised by the Censor Board had been resolved, allowing the film to be screened with the necessary changes.

Despite attempts to obtain a statement from the Punjab Film Censor Board, no one was willing to speak on the record, leaving an air of uncertainty. However, a person from the board revealed that the film’s distributor eventually agreed to mute certain objectionable words that were deemed to be “promoting homosexuality.”

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Initial reports of Barbie being “banned” in Punjab were misleading, as the Punjab Film Censor Board had issued a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the movie on Thursday. However, the board had requested that specific content be censored before it could be publicly screened, which led to a disagreement with the local distributors, HKC Entertainment.

Barbie continued to be screened successfully in Sindh and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) without any edits, but its fate in Punjab had raised speculations and confusion among moviegoers.