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Ayeza Khan Jokes About Getting Expelled For Mubashira-Like Behavior

Ayeza Khan Jokes About Getting Expelled For Mubashira-Like Behavior

Prominent Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan recently shared her thoughts on the intricate relationship between her on-screen roles and her true self, focusing particularly on her character Mubashira Jaffer from the television series “Mein.” During a discussion on Murtaza Ali Shah’s YouTube channel, Ayeza shed light on the challenges of portraying a character with distinct differences from her real-life persona.

Ayeza acknowledged the assertive nature of Mubashira and humorously admitted that she could never exhibit such boldness in reality. She emphasized the significant contrast between Mubashira’s aggression and her own personality, noting that such behavior would not be acceptable in her actual life.

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Discussing the dynamics of her personal life, Ayeza mentioned that her husband, fellow actor Danish Taimoor, plays a crucial role in understanding when she transitions between her on-screen character and her authentic self. Jokingly, she remarked that if her husband were not an actor, he might not have discerned when she is Mubashira and when she is Ayeza. However, she added a humorous touch, stating, “In real life, I can’t be Mubashira; I’ll get kicked out of the house.”

Ayeza shared an amusing incident involving her son’s reaction to the promotional material of the series. Her son, witnessing her portrayal of a more intense character, got scared and expressed concern, highlighting the impact an on-screen role can have on those closest to her.

The actress disclosed her practice of maintaining a clear boundary between her on-screen characters and personal life, emphasizing that once her outfits change and she returns to her regular clothes, she seamlessly transitions back to being Ayeza, detached from the characters she portrays. “When my outfits change, and I wear my clothes, I become Ayeza again,” she stated.

In “Mein,” Ayeza takes on the role of Mubashira, a character challenging societal norms. As the fearless protagonist, Mubashira becomes a symbol of defiance, challenging established standards and making a profound impact on those around her. Ayeza’s portrayal adds layers to the character, bringing to life the complexities of Mubashira’s journey as she navigates a world that demands conformity while asserting her individuality with courage.

Ayeza’s candid insights offer a glimpse into the challenges and nuances of balancing on-screen personas with real-life identities. The actress gracefully navigates the boundaries between fiction and reality, showcasing her versatility in embodying diverse characters while maintaining a distinct personal identity off-screen.