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Ayeza Khan Narrowly Escapes Fire During Jaan-e-Jahan Shoot

Ayeza Khan Narrowly Escapes Fire During Jaan-e-Jahan Shoot

Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan narrowly avoided a mishap on the set while filming a drama with Hamza Ali Abbasi.

In a video posted by Ayeza on her Instagram account, the actress is seen swiftly throwing a shawl that had caught fire. However, as she tossed the shawl, flames spread on the ground, and she unintentionally stepped on it.

Ayeza, seemingly unaware of the unfolding situation, abruptly moved away when someone behind the camera urgently shouted her name to alert her.

Sharing the video on Instagram, the 32-year-old actress expressed gratitude to Allah for safeguarding her during such incidents.

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“Being an actor is not an easy task. When the director says ‘Action,’ we forget what’s going to happen next and just give our best performance. Sometimes, unexpected things occur on set that the onscreen audience doesn’t witness,” Ayeza wrote.

“But Allah is watching over us, and I can’t thank Allah enough for His protection every single day. Additionally, the appreciation we receive for our performances from you guys is truly unmatched.”

“Thank you, everyone, for continually supporting and loving us (actors) unconditionally. This unwavering support is what propels us to strive harder in our careers and move forward to deliver the best we possibly can,” she concluded.