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Australia Surprises India, Wins U19 World Cup 2024

Australia Surprises India, Wins U19 World Cup 2024

Australia delivered a surprising and convincing performance, stunning India in the U19 World Cup final to claim victory by 79 runs in Benoni. The Australian team, led by Hugh Weibgen, set an imposing target of 254 runs, achieving the highest-ever total in a U19 World Cup final with a concluding score of 253/7.

Harjas Singh played a pivotal role in Australia’s innings, contributing a strong 55, with additional valuable efforts in the 40s from Weibgen, Harry Dixon, and Ollie Peak. Raj Limbani of India took 3 wickets for 38 runs. Despite facing early setbacks, losing key players like Musheer Khan, Uday Saharan, and Sachin Dhas in the first 20 overs, India seemed to be in a solid position.

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In their pursuit of the target, India’s batting order faced challenges, and despite Murugan’s resilient performance with 42 runs, Australia maintained control throughout. Pacer Mahli Beardman played a crucial role for Australia, dismissing Musheer Khan and captain Uday Saharan, while Raf MacMillan accounted for Sachin Dhas.

Australia’s dominance in both batting and bowling ultimately led to their victory in the 44th over. Despite the efforts of Naman Tiwari and Raj Limbani, who managed to take crucial wickets during Australia’s innings, Harjas Singh and Ryan Hicks steadied the ship with a patient partnership.

Harjas Singh, despite his modest tournament record, showcased his capabilities by achieving his first half-century in the U19 World Cup. Although dismissed by Saumy Pandey, Ollie Peake’s aggressive batting approach ensured Australia surpassed the 200-run mark.

Maintaining a healthy run rate, Australia scored 66 runs in the final 10 overs, showcasing an all-around performance that secured their third ICC final victory over India. This triumph adds to Australia’s successes in the World Test Championship in 2023 and the U19 World Cup in 2024, further establishing their cricketing prowess on the global stage.