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Apple now manufactures nearly 7 percent of its iPhones in India.


According to a Bloomberg News report released on Thursday, tech giant Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) has increased iPhone production in India, with the country now accounting for nearly 7% of total iPhone production, up from 1% the previous year.

According to the report, the company assembled over $7 billion in iPhones in India during the previous fiscal year, indicating a significant increase in its manufacturing capabilities in the country. Apple’s decision to expand production in India is part of a larger strategy to diversify its supply chain and reduce reliance on China.

Apple has been attempting to increase its presence in India, where it faces stiff competition from local smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Samsung. The company has been working hard to increase sales in India by introducing new products and offering appealing deals and discounts.

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Apple has also made significant investments in India, with plans to open a retail store in Mumbai later this year. The company is also reportedly looking to establish a manufacturing plant in India, which would expand its manufacturing capabilities in the country.

Despite the significant increase in iPhone production in India, Apple has yet to respond to Reuters’ request for comment on the matter.