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Alina Khan expresses joy in no longer feeling isolated and finding a sense of belonging within a community.

Alina Khan expresses joy in no longer feeling isolated and finding a sense of belonging within a community.

Life’s circumstances led me to depart from my paternal home at the tender age of 12,” Alina shared, reflecting on her profound journey toward happiness. “Since then, feeling alone, I never truly celebrated myself. Despite receiving birthday wishes from friends and well-wishers each year, I often pondered: Would I ever experience the fortune of being celebrated on my birthday? Might I find someone to share my happiness?”

In a recent Instagram post, Alina expressed her gratitude for discovering a community to share in her joyful moments. She remarked, “This particular year, I was fortunate enough to finally celebrate my birthday surrounded by loved ones. I am elated to no longer feel alone, as I now have a supportive community that contributes to my growth. They were present to partake in my happiness.”

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Dressed elegantly in a striking black attire, the actress concluded her post with the words “Dreams come true,” acknowledging and appreciating her makeup and jewelry artists, as well as the cake shop that made her day special. During a 2022 interview with Vogue India, Alina discussed her journey from Cannes and her career experiences.

“I recently returned to Pakistan from France, and within a week, I visited my family home thrice—even spending a night there,” she shared during a Zoom conversation with the publication. “The recognition of ‘Joyland’ at Cannes holds immense significance for me as I portray a trans dancer in the film—an identity for which I’ve faced rejection all my life, yet this identity led us to win this award,” she added.

“My family once thought my actions would disgrace them; only my mother would speak to me briefly while others distanced themselves. Now, they take pride in my achievements, and that brings me the greatest happiness,” Alina expressed, acknowledging that societal acceptance remains a distant prospect. “I struggle to comprehend this because those same individuals invite us to bless their newborns,” she lamented.