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Maher Anjum and Hareem Rashid Illuminate Times Square as Ambassadors for Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan Initiative.

Maher Anjum and Hareem Rashid Illuminate Times Square as Ambassadors for Spotify's EQUAL Pakistan Initiative.

In its ongoing celebration of Pakistani female voices highlighting cultural richness and musical prowess worldwide, EQUAL Pakistan proudly presents Hareem Rashid and Maher Anjum as its distinguished ambassadors for November and December 2023, respectively. Renowned for their exceptional contributions to the music scene, both artists have garnered widespread recognition. As part of the EQUAL Pakistan initiative, they’ve been showcased on a digital billboard in Times Square, New York.

Maher Anjum, the appointed ambassador for EQUAL Pakistan in December 2023, is a Pakistani pop musician renowned for seamlessly blending traditional Pakistani and Indian instruments with contemporary pop sounds in her music. Her vibrant melodies, characterized by their lively spirit and heartfelt lyrics, have gained significant popularity. Some of Maher’s most notable songs include “Kahani Suno Zabani Suno,” “Ishqiya,” and “Ja Tujhe Maaf Kiya.” Her captivating track, “Kya Hoti Hai Bewafai 2.0,” is prominently featured on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist for the current month.

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Expressing her enthusiasm upon being announced as the latest face of Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan program, Maher shared, “It’s a tremendous honor for me to serve as Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan ambassador this month.” She emphasized the program’s significance, stating, “This initiative holds great importance to me as it advocates equality and provides a platform for our female artists to be recognized and celebrated.” Maher commended Spotify for amplifying the voices of female artists in Pakistan, allowing them an engaging platform to showcase their love and dedication to music.

Hareem Rashid, a vibrant and emerging presence in the music industry, commenced her musical journey on social media five years ago. With standout tracks like “AAG,” “Dil Hariyaan,” and “Scars,” she has solidified her status as an up-and-coming star, amassing a rapidly growing fan base. Her song “Pathar Dil” was prominently featured on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist in November, marking her induction into the program.

In her own words, Hareem reflects, “Being named ambassador of the month feels like reaching a musical pinnacle, not just as a personal milestone but as a collective stride toward integrating more female voices into the scene, aligning with Spotify’s goal to amplify women’s voices from this region.” She views this as an opportunity to contribute to diversity and equality in the music landscape, adding her voice to a symphony of change and ensuring a spotlight for various talents and perspectives. Beyond personal empowerment, she sees its significance for the entire women’s community, believing it can inspire others to dream bigger, resonating with those who, like her, find solace and empowerment in music amidst life’s challenges.

The acknowledgment of Maher Anjum and Hareem Rashid on a digital billboard in Times Square, New York, underscores their growing influence and the global resonance of Pakistani music. EQUAL Pakistan is delighted to have them as ambassadors, symbolizing the country’s rich diversity and remarkable talent.