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Aleema Khan Summoned By FIA For Hate Speech

Aleema Khan Summoned By FIA For Hate Speech

Aleema Khan, the sister of PTI founder Imran Khan, has been summoned by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) counterterrorism unit for an inquiry into her alleged involvement in anti-state activities and the dissemination of hate speech. The FIA has issued a warning to Aleema Khan, instructing her to record her statement at the FIA headquarters by February 16 at 11 a.m. Failure to comply may result in legal action being taken against her.

The notice reveals that an FIA sector officer initiated an inquiry (No. 4/24) based on a request from the Ministry of Interior. The redirection of the investigation is prompted by accusations of engaging in activities against the state and spreading hate speech. The notice, issued under Section 160 of the CrPC, also states that the investigations are currently ongoing.

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Aleema Khan has received the summons at her residence in Lahore, and non-compliance would be interpreted as an admission of guilt, potentially leading to legal consequences.

It is noteworthy that Aleema Khan is the sister of PTI founder Imran Khan. However, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) had previously restrained the FIA from prosecuting Aleema Khan.

In response to the summons, Aleema’s legal counsel filed two separate petitions. The first petition sought the suspension of the February 2 notice, and the second demanded the provision of records and proof related to the allegations. Additionally, they argued that the notice was only seen on social media and was not officially received by the petitioner.

The court adjourned the hearing until the next week after sending notifications to the FIA, awaiting their response to the petitions filed by Aleema’s legal team. The legal proceedings surrounding the summons and allegations against Aleema Khan are likely to unfold in subsequent hearings.